Acting Scene - Making Space

This is a scene that we shot in about an hour with three of our students. Cast was made up of DJ Fields, Brandon Cantilang and Ethan Meeks.

Thanks to Wayne and Grant Meeks as well as Chandler Prisk for help on the crew and to Jewel Wilcox for being our extra.

Back to Class!

We start back with 2012 classes for youth beginning on January 12th. Because there will be only 3 classes in January, anyone who pays for January will get February classes for free. We will be working these two months on learning, blocking and shooting a scene from a film.

Watch and Learn!

We had a great class tonight reviewing rushes from the scene we have been shooting over the last couple of weeks. Students were able to watch the angles that had them in closeup and get constructive criticism about their performances. A lot of great insight that is sure to help all of them in future roles.

Kudos to Brandon!

One of our young actors, Brandon Cantilang, has been busy lately with a bunch of films and commercials. He was the subject of a newspaper article this last week. Take a look at the article by clicking HERE. Congratulations, Brandon! Keep up the good work.

Screen Shots from "Jessie's Dilemma"

Here are a few screen grabs from the scene we are currently shooting with our actors. The opportunity to work in front of the camera is one of the biggest things actors gain from being a member of the Screen Actor's Studio.

In the shot at the top, Pat (Brianna Jones) tries to distract Sarah (Jewel Wilcox) and Rich (Bailey Hollins) while in the background, Jessie (DJ Fields) attempts to swap out his envelope with the one in Sarah's purse. Pat's efforts turn out to be disastrous.

In the middle shot, Jessie (DJ Fields) and Pat (Brianna Jones) contemplate how they will be able to swap the envelopes.

The bottom shot is of another actress in the role of Pat (Aliya Elmore) as she sneaks out of hiding and makes her way across the room.

We will continue shooting the scene during this week's class, which has been moved to Tuesday.

Guest Speaker Craig Crumpton

Atlanta-based actor Craig Crumpton will be hosting the youth class this coming Thursday, October 20th. He has been working on films for the past five years, including Robert Redford's "The Conspirator" and the television show "Drop Dead Diva," and has taught classes at the Actor's Scene. Craig will share insight into finding roles as an extra, stand-in or photo double--a great way to get paid experience on-set. He will also be teaching some ways to create better characters and will work on cold-reading audition techniques. If you would like to join the class--or know someone else who would, please call Jason Prisk at 404-822-9939 or email

Directions and Contact Info

The meeting location is at 175 Foster Drive in McDonough, GA. This is right next door to the Great Escape Theater just off I-75 at exit 218. Classes meet each Thursday night in the drama room of Creekside Christian Academy.

If you have further questions or think you would like to join one of the classes, please call Jason at 404-822-9939 or send an email to hope to see you there.

What Will I Gain From This Class?

• A solid foundation in how to prepare and perform on-set
• Actual experience performing scenes on-camera in film-style production. (A chance to learn and practice your craft without the pressure of costing a production thousands of dollars in wasted time.)
• A clear understanding of the process behind film production
• Improved speech habits and boosted confidence in public performance
• Networking opportunities with actors, directors and agents

The 12 Skills of a Film Actor

Each week, we learn about and practice the 12 Skills that are critical for any film actor to be successful and get recurring work. These skills must become second nature before you step on set or you are sure to create frustration in the director, crew and your fellow actors. These skills will help you to get work and to be 100% professional in the whirlwind environment of a film set.

• Memorization
• Character development
• Internalization
• Interpretation
• Emotional continuity
• Dialogue pacing
• Action pacing
• Physical continuity
• Mark awareness
• Camera awareness
• Set etiquette
• Casting essentials

Program Hosted by Jason Prisk

Jason Prisk is a film and television director who has been producing documentaries, commercials and corporate pieces for more than fifteen years. He has recently directed the Creekside Films feature, The Solomon Bunch, which is scheduled for release in April of 2012. Jason studied communications at Pensacola Christian College and at the University of West Florida. He has studied acting under Metropolitan Opera star Ray Gibbs among others. His acting roles over the years include Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Prince Yamadori in Madame Butterfly (opera), Friar Francis in Much Ado About Nothing, Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables and Simon Peter in The Southern Crescent Passion Play. Special guest actors, coaches and directors will present from time to time as well.