Screen Shots from "Jessie's Dilemma"

Here are a few screen grabs from the scene we are currently shooting with our actors. The opportunity to work in front of the camera is one of the biggest things actors gain from being a member of the Screen Actor's Studio.

In the shot at the top, Pat (Brianna Jones) tries to distract Sarah (Jewel Wilcox) and Rich (Bailey Hollins) while in the background, Jessie (DJ Fields) attempts to swap out his envelope with the one in Sarah's purse. Pat's efforts turn out to be disastrous.

In the middle shot, Jessie (DJ Fields) and Pat (Brianna Jones) contemplate how they will be able to swap the envelopes.

The bottom shot is of another actress in the role of Pat (Aliya Elmore) as she sneaks out of hiding and makes her way across the room.

We will continue shooting the scene during this week's class, which has been moved to Tuesday.